"In View" Press Kit                                                      

"In View is A Definitive Character Study"  -"Powerful and unsettling"

"Dunne carries In View with the confident strength of a Hollywood star".

"In View is devoted to capturing and exploring the pain and confusion of loss and subsequent depression...it will give you a new understanding of the broken side of our world".

"The overall effect is an emotionally suffocating experience that, while uncomfortable, is incredibly potent".

"This is an experiential, character driven statement piece and it comes with the arsenal to match".

"A well-written and superbly acted tale of depression, remorse and regret, In View is a difficult but ultimately rewarding watch".

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Short Synopsis


Ruth’s life is one of burgeoning guilt dominated by rage, alcoholism, depression and self-loathing which has its origins in a once off drunken indiscretion with a work colleague some years previous.  Having lost all that was dear to her, Ruth is still trying to seek out help but is coming to realise that there is only one course of action that may placate her soul.

Long Synopsis

This is the story of Ruth Donnelly, a detective Garda who had a very bright career ahead of her until she had a one night stand with a colleague at Christmas while she was pregnant with her first child. Her guilt made her admit her indiscretion and as a consequence of the stress, she lost the baby.  Her husband never got over the loss of his child and he hung himself in their house, where she still lives, three years later on the baby’s birthday. 

The film starts with Ruth, now a thirty something year old Garda, heavy drinker but not an alcoholic. She suffers swinging mood changes of depression to ragging anger, unable to cope with life.  Haunted by her guilt she has been restricted to reviewing CCTV footage of suspected crimes in her job because of her erratic behaviour with the public.  People pity her but also are getting pretty tired with her behaviour.

Her friend Donny from work wants to help but this has proved unsuccessful but a chance encounter with Denis, the guard whom she had the fling with, draws Denis back into Ruth’s world.   She gets suspended and reaches a new low in life. 

Ruth knows she has a problem and even attempts to get help from a suicide awareness group, but she eventually resigns herself to the fact that the only way she can move on is to make the ultimate sacrifice of donating her organs to help others and this, in some way in her mind, will repay to the world and society the wrongs she inflicted on her husband and child.

Ruth sets about to tidy up her affairs to prepare her for her ultimate act of generosity, eventually seeing it through much to the persistent efforts of her friends.

Story so far…

At the end of 2014 we successfully secured funding from a private investor for €120,000 to produce and shoot the feature film In View.  Once we received the funding we went straight into pre-production and started looking at cast with a view to begin shooting in the middle of January 2015.

Very quickly we found the script was attracting both talented cast and crew.  With cast we got off to a great start, within a very short period time when we secured the services of Stuart Graham and Ciaran McMenamin. For the role of Ruth we looked at a lot of female actors, as it was clear from the script that the film would rest heavily on the shoulders of our lead actress and once the director met Caoilfhionn Dunne he knew she was our lead.

While we were casting Ciaran was also meeting with crew, and just like the cast we found the script was attracting some very talented crew most notably Dave Grennan. Both Dave and Ciaran developed a very distinct style that is now very evident upon viewing the film. Although this is a still a micro budget feature we were able to source a very experienced crew through the contacts of the producers of Fail Safe Films and Underground Cinema.   The finished product was always really important to Ciaran even with our limited budget so much so that we spent significant sums getting the 6k Epic Dragon and anamorphic lenses from the UK.

A help to the film came after meeting with the Arts Officer at the Kildare County Council. Not only did they award us some funding towards our budget but also supplied us with many of the main locations in the film, most of which we were able to use for free. Kildare town served as our main unit base for the feature with the majority of the scenes being shot in around the town. As well as this we were able to source locally extras and crew.

We went into production on the 20th of January 2015, and shot 6-day weeks for three weeks finishing on the 9th of February. This proved to be a very difficult given the extremely tight budget but everybody pulled together to work through it and we finished on schedule.

After wrapping on production Ciaran wanted to spare no time and go straight into post. He had contacted an editor, Tony Cranstoun, and sent him the script- yet again we found the script was able to convince him to come on board.  Tony has an amazing CV and the breadth of his experience really helped make this film what it is.  In tandem with this Ciaran had contacted the composer Denis Clohessy, who had also worked with us before on the short The Note and he started composing the score.

Since then Ciaran and Tony cut several versions of the feature over the course of the following months. Having initially had a running time of 155 minutes they refined and cut down to a final running time of 93mins. With this running time the film has a steady pace, and yet still long enough for the audience to make an emotional connection with the main character Ruth.

For post-production again the film was quite lucky in getting the services of one of the best Colourists in Ireland, Gary Curran of Outer limits whose work include the Oscar Nominated Room.  Mutiny Post did a fantastic job on the sound and here we are, finished, ready to take on the world.

Director’s Statement

In View is an original piece of film making which directly relates to the on-going crisis of depression in Ireland and which exists in almost every other country of the world.  Its approach by focusing on a female character and how she develops throughout the feature has led to the film having a very distinctive voice which resonates with the audience long after the film has ended.   In View reflects real life, characters and humanity.  While the theme of the film is universal and could be portrayed in any country, In View represents and shows a problem which is becoming more rampant in our society.  It is clear that many countries are at a loss as how to deal with this phenomenon.


Caoilfhionn Dunne - Ruth

Ciarán McMenamin - "Denis"

Stuart Graham -   "Donny"

Gerard McSorley - "Seamus"

Maria McDermottroe - "Monica"

Tristan Heanue - "Jockey"

John A. Murphy -"Priest"

Joe Mullins -  "Magella"


Director of Photography – Dave Grennan

David has worked in the Irish film industry for the past 20 years, starting as camera assistant on numerous TV Dramas and feature films such as 'Michael Collins' and 'Angela's Ashes'.  His DoP titles include 'Eamon' (Winner Independent Camera Award 2010 Karlovy Film Festival), 'Kisses', 'Between the Canals', and “What Richard Did“.  Nominated for Director of Photography award Film and Drama in 2013.  Nominated for and IFTA Director of Photography award for the Film "What Richard Did".

Editor – Tony Cranstoun

Tony is one of the leading editors operating in Ireland and the UK and has a huge wealth of experience including Love Rosie, I Give it a Year, Death of a Superhero and When Harvey Met Bob, Mr. Bean's Holiday. 

Composer – Denis Clohessy

Denis worked with Ciaran previously on The Note and is a highly acclaimed composer. He has a natural ability to capture the very essence of whatever film he’s working on and is a regular collaborator with Ken Wardrop working on his early shorts to his feature documentary His & Hers (2009).

1st Assistant Director – TJ Duffy

TJ is a highly experienced assistant director and has worked of three films that Ciaran has made and have an excellent relationship.

Production Designer – Mark Kilbride

An experienced production designer, Mark has worked on a number of features and TV shows in recent years.

Make Up & Hair – Sinead Egan

Sinead is a professional Make-up Artist based in Dublin.  Sinead is highly experienced in all aspects of film hair and make-up and has worked in numerous films and TV series including Vikings.

Costume – Tricia Monk

Tricia Monk is a Dublin based Costume Designer and has worked on three films that Ciaran has made.

Sound – Keith Grainger

Keith has been working in the industry for over 30 years and is a well-respected sound recordist within the industry.   His credits include Game of Thrones and The Fall.


Further Press Information or to contact the Team

Dave Byrne, Producer

Simon Doyle, Producer

Ciaran Creagh, Writer Director Producer