Ruth’s life is one of burgeoning guilt dominated by rage, alcoholism, depression and self-loathing which has its origins in a once off drunken indiscretion with a work colleague some years previous.  Having lost all that was dear to her, Ruth is still trying to seek out help but is coming to realise that there is only one course of action that may placate her soul.

In View Press Reviews Theatrical Release - May 2017

"It is much to the credit of the writer-director of In View, Ciaran Creagh, then, that he has produced such a compelling and powerful piece of work. Indeed, the movie is virtually anomalous among Irish movies in recent times in that it genuinely merits the critical plaudits it has received..In View marks itself out as a seriously good Irish Film. A rare beast indeed." The Phoenix.

".writer and director Ciarán Creagh is certainly a director to watch in the future."

".the oppressive fog Creagh so wonderfully created. Creagh's direction is not flashy and his scenes take their time to wind up, allowing (or forcing) the audience to crawl inside the fraught mind of this tormented woman and experience what she's going through. You're there for every pitiful step of the way. This is not an easy watch and nor is it meant to be.An honest, unrelenting but powerful, exploration of depression and grief."

"Creagh's patient storytelling drip feeds the information on what happened with each small revelation allowing us to understand Ruth and her dilemma a little more.screenplay is impeccably researched and painfully evocative.As a character study, the film is devastating.An important film that makes for difficult viewing." Hotpress.

".a canny mixture of framing designed to give the audience a sense of Ruth's off-kilter thinking and long, static shots which convey the depth of her brooding isolation..The result is a film which pulls few punches in its depiction of depression.Ciaran Creagh is to be applauded for tackling a very difficult subject and following Ruth's logic through to the bitter end.." Irish Examiner

"Written, performed and directed with a commendable commitment to reflecting reality as it is lived by thousands of Irish people, In View is not an easy film to watch, but it is a necessary one." The Sunday Business Post.

"Featuring many long takes shot with stationary camera, the film revels in the external architecture of everyday misery: cheap biros, stark rooms, grey skies. The film feels psychologically authentic. It also feels relentless." The Irish Times

"Studies of depression and suicidal thoughts may not be everyone's cup of tea, but when they are well-written, and superbly performed they can be a worthwhile experience. In View is such a film, and as a result comes highly recommended."

"In View is a powerful and unsettling depiction of one woman's battle with depression.Creagh has offered an important Irish film that deals masterfully with a topic of urgent concern." Film Ireland

"The whole psychological approach to Ruth's character, not just the performance, but the writing and the direction around the entire film, is so realistic that it scares you.although I love this film, I wanted to walk out.the ending of the film shows that the film makers have more courage than most. You have to entertain to educate and in that respect In View is perfect." Comic

"However, whatever may be one's own diffidence to grapple with mental problems, Creagh by his direction keeps you bound by Ruth's manifold devils.Creagh is courageous to enter a space which society is content, for the most part, to leave unoccupied..but as a film it makes for uncomfortable watching.