When Love Defies

A new feature film being developed in conjunctionwith the Irish Film Board                  


Mac early-thirties and from Dublin has been released from prison after serving seven years for the manslaughter of his brother.  Nowhere to live he decides to squat in an abandoned flat in the complex where he grew up.   Keeping himself to himself he decides to approach Paddy, one of the training teachers from the prison, and persuade him to give him a trial as a bicycle mechanic in his shop.  Unable to face his father, Mac’s life is left in a state of standstill.

Monika, late twenties and from Poland, works in the coffee shop beside the bicycle shop. She is kind and polite but discloses little of herself to anybody. A medical doctor by training, following an incident in Poland where her friend died because of her medical intervention, she has run away and sought refuge from her past in Dublin.

Bumping into each other there is an instant attraction between Mac and Monika which develops further when Monika buys a bike from Paddy. The progress of the relationship is hampered by disclosures from their past lives and by Mac and Monika’s inability to come to terms with the choices they previously made. Through their relationship Mac and Monika feel that they are finally getting more comfortable with their past.  The untimely demise of Paddy brings that progress swiftly to an end. Monika, swamped with guilt at being unable to save Paddy, flees back to Poland, leaving Mac to deal with the loss of a father figure such as Paddy.  Mac decides to go after Monika, hopeful that he might win her over forever.

This is a story of how Mac and Monika, two kindred spirits, try to understand the trauma of grief and come to terms with such grief through their mutual support of each other.